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QUIKSETPro® is a fast, light and durable innovative concrete alternative, resin footing compound for installing woode, Viny and metal posts and sections of various cross sections and shapes in the ground. It is a revolutionary alternative to heavy, dirty and time-consuming curing, ready to use concrete mixtures in bags.


Q300 (.7 Lbs) = (1) 55 Lb bag of concrete.


  • QuicksetPro is a light and durable innovative resin footing compound for installing fence posts as well as other applications. It is a revolutionary alternative extremely popular in Europe that we are bringing to the US. Whether for repairs or large projects, this product will make a huge impact for you and your company!


    • 100x's Faster then traditional methods.

    • 300x's Lighter then Concrete.

    • Easy to use. Mix, Pour and Done.

    • Great for playgrounds, fences, signs & more!

    • Voted most innovative product!  


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