What is 15 Minute Concrete?


QUIKSET® is a revolutionary product that was created as an alternate to concrete and is more competitive than similar products in th emarket place! As a resin, QUIKSET® surpasses the competition that has more of a foamy spongelike texture that doesnt bond to the material like QUIKSET® does.  



Our vision is to achieve a greater efficiency for contractors and the DIY market so that you can spend time getting more projects done in a quicker fashion or as in the case of the DIY market - to spend more time enjoying your project rather than working on it! 


QUIKSET® is a fast, light and durable innovative resin footing compound for installing all sorts of posts or items in the ground or other anchoring systems. It is a revolutionary alternative to heavy, dirty and time-consuming concrete which extends project durations especially during times when weather isnt as predictable. With QUIKSET®, one or two component bags can even replace up to 3 bags of ready to mix concrete mixtures!



Did You Know....

Warehouse space, for one pallet of QuiksetPro Q1000 = 900 pcs which is the equivalent of putting 2,700 post inground, total weight is 1,900 lbs, to accomplish similar results with concrete you need 48 pallets with a total weight of 134,400 lbs, the area needed to store this amount of concrete is relatively large in comparison to QuiksetPro.

The Comparisons of Warehousing QuiksetPro to Concrete

It's as Easy as 1...2...3

01 / FAST

QUIKSET® takes approximately 1 hour to fully cure in normal temperatures. In higher temperatures, it may cure faster and in lower temperatures it may cure more slowly. In most conditions QUIKSET® reaches sufficient level of durability after 15 MINUTES.  

With QUIKSET®, reduce your over cost of the job due to less labor and become more efficient with added time to get more holes dug in a day! While the material cost of QUIKSET® is more than concrete - the time saved allowing you to dig more holes (and smaller ones at that!) as well the saved time in labor cost far surpasses the increase in material cost!

02 / STRONG 
03 / EASY

QUIKSET® expands around the material thus locking it into the ground. You holes end up being 1/2 the normal required diameter due to the compressive strength of QUIKSET®. By bonding around the material it also helps protect the material from erosion over time. This means the ground is the weakest point in the connection and therefore will in most cases be responsible for the failure of an installation. QUIKSET® is resistant to temperature changes AND works in both very low and HIGH temperatures. As opposed to traditional concrete, QUIKSET® is completely resistant to water, therefore it doesn’t erode over time.

Mixing the QUIKSET® bag is easy for anyone! You simply pull the 2 ends away from each other and click off the center plastic divider. Then you mix both compounds inside the bag over a smooth flat surface for about 20 seconds. Voila! Then open the bag once both components of QUIKSET® are mixed, pour and wait for it to cure! QUIKSET® then creates a compact structure which doesn’t emit any harmful substances into either the ground or air. It is environmentally friendly as well! 

It's really that simple!


15minuteconcrete is quikset pro!

   QuicksetPro is a light and durable innovative resin footing compound for installing fence posts as well as other applications.


   It is a revolutionary alternative extremely popular in Europe that we are bringing to the US. Whether for repairs or large projects, this product will make a huge impact on you and your company!


• 100x's Faster than traditional methods.

• 300x's Lighter then Concrete.

• Easy to use. Mix, Pour and Done.

• Great for playgrounds, fences, signs & more!

• Voted most innovative product!  


Gold Metal Product Winner at OPTKYA Fair Poland. The Gold Medal is an expert level recommendation.

Check Out Video - QuikSet Holds Post in Ground - Post Breaks instead of being pulled out of ground!!


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